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Guardian Industrial Products was established and incorporated in 1969. Its primary business was to provide flooring, roofing and waterproofing material and services to the heavy process industrial plants throughout New England. Regular customers included paper mills, textile mills and other commodity manufacturers. Over the years, the attrition of heavy manufacturers caused Guardian to concentrate on flooring and coating systems with increased emphasis on high tech, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals and other wet process manufacturers.

Today, Guardian customers range from Fortune 500 manufacturers to small high-tech start up companies. Each customer, regardless of size, receives the same attention to service and quality from Guardian’s employee-manned crews. Clean rooms, high-tech manufacturing floors and wet process chemical containment systems are now Guardian’s specialties.

In 1999, Guardian moved to new quarters, a 17,000-sq. ft. plant in Norfolk, MA where we maintain excellent inventories to service our customers throughout southern New England.

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Address: 150 Dedham St. Norfolk, MA 02056

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